Sacred Joy

sacred joy

This image is medieval Kabbalist Moses Cordovero’s labyrinth. It is comprised of the first letters of each of the realms of the divine, or sefirot, one letter nestled inside the other.

My Jewish yoga practice is called Sacred Joy in the Jewish Tradition: Yoga, Meditation and Spiritual Teaching.  I was certified through Avalon Art & Yoga in Palo Alto, California. My teaching draws upon Jewish spirituality in order to address the growing need for people to transform stress and negative emotions into resiliency and joy. The class focuses on principles of Judaism in order to empower us with tools to become happier, healthier, and more connected individuals. I currently do not teach a regular class but I am available to lead at retreats and other partnerships. While at Stanford, I taught a credit class encompassing yoga, meditation and Jewish spiritual teaching. Here is the Fall 2012 syllabus